Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter (Bunny) Musings

I don't want to just make stuff up, really - I kind of like research and facts. If I don't know about something I tend to go directly to my preferred search engine and start seeking information. Even if it's just a tidbit here and there, it's likely more than I knew when I started. This makes me a font of useless knowledge and tidbits, but an expert in nothing special.

I heard something on the radio this morning that made me question myself and my fact seeking quests, though. The DJ - using his made-for-radio voice to fill time between songs - said, "...the average age that kids stop believing in the Easter Bunny is around age 6."

Really? Because my kids still believe, and they're 7 and 10, respectively. I would suspect my son has an idea that his mom is full of hot air...(something I don't deny, honestly)...but then thinking twice I wonder if he'd actually be upset to learn that the Easter Bunny is, in fact, me? My daughter asked me just last night if I thought the Easter Bunny was going to bring her a basket this year. I did my best, non-committal, "Hmmmm...we'll see," and left it at that.

Don't get me started on Santa Claus.

I suppose the lengths I go to to make stuff up for the sake of my kids happiness is further than I realized. I wonder if it's time for me to start backing off? These things have definitely been fun, mostly because it's pretty cool to watch their faces as I explain to them how I spoke personally with the Tooth Fairy to let her know that the lost tooth would not be under Beta Child's pillow because said child would be snuggling with me. This is important stuff. This is amazing stuff! I actually have the Tooth Fairy's cell phone number! And yes, it's magical.


Thursday, April 17, 2014

That moment when...

Dontcha just hate it when someone says, "That moment when..." and goes on to say something completely off the wall or irrelevant to the current topic of conversation. No? Really?

I found out a couple things last night that, though not yet fit for public consumption, I must discuss on some level or I may explode. Both are family issues. Both are not good or fun or easy for those involved. And, of course, the kicker for me is that I cannot go into any detail what-so-ever because then I'd be breaking promises. I can say that no, these awful things are not my own, my immediate family's, or even my local state-extended family's issues. Doesn't make this any easier, though.

Vague and frustrating for you? Yeah, me, too. I apologize for that.

But I would like to ask for your prayers, thoughts, good vibrations - whatever you feel comfortable with - for these people that I love. can do no harm, and may actually do some good.


PS: I'm wondering if these things, on some level, are why I couldn't sleep on Tuesday night? Am I that sensitive?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Contemplating the Complexities of Life - at 3AM

Last night was one of those nights. Hubby and I settled in to watch G.I. Joe: Retaliation but he fell asleep pretty quickly. I watched the entire movie - which was a good source of entertainment. Sometime after the movie was over, though, Little Bit got up and decided she needed me. This is unusual, because she's my good sleeper and doesn't ever get up unless there's something wrong. So I did the mommy thing. I snuggled with her for a bit, got her resettled, tucked her in, made sure she had her stuffed dog and her blankie, and made sure she was asleep again.

Good deal.

For her, yes. For me? Not so much.

I spent most of the night staring at the ceiling, contemplating the complexities of life, worrying about stuff that adults worry about and generally not sleeping.

Finally, though, about 4:30AM, I went out - deeply. Only to be awakened with much confusion and frustration at 5:15AM to take my daily thyroid meds.

So here I am now, running on empty and wondering how I'm going to make it through my day.

Hopefully it won't be one of those days.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Epitome of Grace & Bad Weather

So it's April, right? Exactly mid-way through April, actually. Oh - and I think something about Taxes, today, in particular? But the temperature is on its way to freezing and it cannot decide, at the moment, if it wants to snow or rain.

Plus, I fell - like the big klutz that I am - coming back into the building after having gone to my car for $ for the vending machine so I could get my bottle of water. (Gave up soda, thank you very much. Yes, I will accept applause and congratulations.) The fall was oh-so-graceful and I'm sure, should the security guys decide that they just have to review the tapes from today, they'll get a good laugh at my expense.


Except for the slightly throbbing knee and a greater wound to my pride, I shall survive.

Even this.


If I must....

Well - I suppose since I'm now a contributing author at I should actually update my personal blog... Ya think? It's been far too long, anyway. Not that a lot has changed, really.

Kids are now 7 & 10 years old, which, in itself is news enough. Kiddo will be starting middle school this fall and I think I'm not old enough for that yet. Or, maybe I'm too old. Take your pick.

I probably could go on for paragraphs and paragraphs updating you on everything that has happened since we last spoke but you'd get bored and leave, so I'll be nice and restrain myself.

Anyway - make sure you take some time to check out, and for amusement take a peek at my contributing author profile page.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Story Hour at Kern!

Lots on my mind - but really too much to say.

HOWEVER - for my local friends (not that I think any of them actually read my blog) I've implemented a new ministry at the church - Story Hour!  (  It's going to take place the last Saturday of the month from 9-10AM and I will offer breakfast for the kiddos!  Each month will feature a different theme; the first theme is fish.  I've already got the theme planned for August, but that's just going to have to remain a secret until after our Kickoff Story Hour on July 27.  This is very exciting for me, because I love to read, and really want to help kids find their love of reading, too. 

Tonight, I need to head over to the church to clean and organize the room and get things prepared for tomorrow morning.

Honestly?  I'm really excited about this!


Wednesday, March 06, 2013

I've *got* to get better at this!

There was a time when I would write something in my blog on a daily basis.  Sometimes twice or three times a day if the mood, or inspiration, struck.  I've *got* to get better at this!

What's happening?

Well Little Bit will be 6 this Friday.  Kiddo will be 9 at the end of the month.  I cannot be believe how quickly time goes. 

I cannot believe I've had this blog for nearly 10 years!  ("They" need to find a way to let me print all these posts so I can save them for posterity.)

I'm still employed (thank God) and working two jobs.  Things are chaotic and exhausting and sometimes I wish I could pack it all in and quit...but I don't.  I won't.  I can't.  There's too much riding on my continued employment.

Can I?



This is Tigger. 

He was my special little buddy.

He belonged to a very good friend of mine and her family.

We all lost Tigger last night.

We are very sad.

He's in God's hands now, and whole and strong and happy.

Miss him anyway.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My personal brand of insanity...

What is the definition of insanity?  The answer, the way I've heard it said, is "Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different outcome."

What's my definition of insanity?
  • Talking to my African violet plant as if it can understand me.  Someone has to encourage it to grow up big and strong and beautiful.
  • Making sure there are no wrinkles in the bed sheets before I get in
  • Straightening pictures on the wall of the doctor's office
  • The absolute need I have to know which route we're going to take when someone else is driving.  I just need a little piece of information about the planned route so I can have the map in my head or else I cannot just sit back and relax.
  • I can read a book cover to cover, then pick it up and read it cover to cover again
  • And speaking of books, I make it my mission to pick out editorial "oopsies" in published works.  There are A TON of them!  Seriously people - get a better editor or at least remember to use spell check once in a while!  And don't even get me started on the Kindle version of books; the formatting errors are many and laughable!
  • I still sleep with a blankie
Ok - so I suppose those aren't really definitions of insanity - but they sure do help explain me better!  Stay tuned - you never know what will show up here!