Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

It’s just one thing right after another at the moment - and I don’t mean anything bad by that, I just mean that I’m really busy. I just finished with a small (yet time consuming) project for Valentine’s Day at work. I’m still right in the middle of planning a larger function for the managers and supervisors which isn’t huge, but which has required much more time and attention than I think it warrants. Not to mention the fact that I had the thing finished (done, finito) when someone – I’m not naming any names (ahem...CE!!!) – messed up the travel arrangements and asked me to redo everything I’d already done so our Sr. VP could be there for the event. Thankfully I had a back-up location ready and waiting for my call and my vendor put out a couple fires and just moved the date on his calendar saying he’d be there come you-know-where or high water. That’s mostly done. Then I’m in the middle of one newsletter and just finished another which is currently in my boss’s hands awaiting his approval so I can print the hundred or so copies and send it off. And we just finished with our quarterly meeting at work – though I didn’t really have too much involvement with this one. AKP, take a bow - it was great, even if you didn't think so. Then there’s party planning, and kitchen cleaning, and laundry doing, and kid watching...the usual stuff. Oh...and I finally got my bed just the way I like it: bed skirt, foam mattress pad, fitted mattress pad, soft fitted sheet, soft flat sheet, blanket, and down comforter with a lovely duvet cover. Now if I can just convince Jamie to quit un-tucking the covers on his side of the bed so that everything will stay neat and unwrinkled, I’ll be even happier! (Hint hint!) We’re rolling right along. How did life get so busy? TTFN JMS

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