Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thyroid Update...again

The good news is that my thyroid is functioning normally; that means my thyroid is producing a normal amount of whatever it is that a thyroid produces. So no hypothyroidism, which, I have to admit, is a bit of a disappointment because I was absolutely convinced we were finally on the right track. But, the doctor said he didn’t like the mass – it is 4 cm, roughly the size of a golf ball. (The US image here is one he gave me that had an off-measurement on it, but showed a pretty decent view of the mass – nodules, fluid and all.) He convinced me to have a biopsy, and so I have. It was uncomfortable and nerve-wracking, and for some reason I’m extremely emotional now, but I’m fine.

I’ll know more in a week (next Thurs) when the biopsy results come back. The doctor did say, though that if the mass is this big now, it may just continue to grow and therefore should probably come out anyway – but the biopsy results should let him know just what he’s dealing with.


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