Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lucky Mommy

Last night, Hubby took Kiddo with him to choir practice at church. I think his initial intent was to take both kids with him and leave me to be able to do a few small things around the house without interruption. The problem was, Little Bit was sitting on my lap, enfolded in my arms, with my cheek resting on the top of her head, and we were watching something on TV together. I couldn't let her go. She was warm and sweet and unusually cuddly and I didn't want her to leave, so Hubby left her with me and took Kiddo with him. She is most definitely Little Miss Independent (kinda like her mom) and I thought for sure that the snuggles wouldn't last very long - I'd prepared myself for her inevitable request for freedom - but it never came. We cuddled for a very long time and she didn't complain once or squirm to be put down. Eventually, 7:30PM rolled around and I got her ready for bed: new diaper, jammies, teeth and hair brushed. She told me, "Night Night!" and settled down under her blankets with her bunny and her bear and I never heard another sound from her until I got up this morning. After Hubby and Kiddo got home, I got Kiddo ready for bed: potty, jammies, teeth brushed and some quality snuggle time with him, too. We lay in his bed together talking about the Tooth Fairy (who is still probably about a year away from her first visit to our house) making up things and "writing" a book about her. I'm going to need to start writing it quickly before I forget all the good ideas we came up with! (Now if I could just figure out the artwork part - I'm not sure that's something I can do.) We giggled a lot and had a really wonderful time, just the two of us, until Hubby came to the door and reminded me that it was, by then, 9:30PM and Kiddo had school in the morning. Oops! So we settled down together and when I left, he was 99% asleep. He fussed just a little bit when I kissed him goodnight - he wanted me to stay - but I reminded him that I had to work in the morning and we both needed to get a good night's rest. "Ok," says he, sleepily, and he rolled over and went to sleep! I cannot tell you how wonderful it is, how it warms my heart and heals my emotional wounds (whatever they may be at that moment), for me to be able to spend that kind of time with my kids. And, I managed to get some time with them both in one night! How fantastic! I am such a lucky person to have a family that I absolutely adore - and yes, Hubby is most definitely included in that statement. TTFN JMS

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Archeobot said...

You should check out "What the Dickens" a Gregory McGuire book (same guy that wrote Wicked). It is a young adult book about the Tooth Fairy _ you would Love IT!