Friday, October 03, 2008

Guess what? It's fall! My favorite time of year!

I'm so excited about the cooler weather, the crisp breezes, the slightly-frosty mornings, the ever-changing leaves, and sleeping with the windows open that I can hardly stand it! This is the time of year when I get to put out my brass pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and plan the kids Halloween costumes! (Little Bit will most likely be a pumpkin this year and who knows what Kiddo will want to be...the speculation on what his four-year-old brain will come up with is nearly as exciting as opening presents on Christmas morning!) The scent in the air is special, too. It reminds me of being young and living in Connecticut. As the leaves begin to show their full spectrum of color and then eventually make their way to the ground, I get geared up. This weather, this time of year, this season is absolutely my favorite. It's walking weather, too! Now that my foot is healing (nicely, I might add...though still quite sore), I will be taking the kids out as often as possible to enjoy the cool evenings. Last night, we went to Sonic for dinner, just the three of us. Then we hit Wally-World for a few items. Then, we went to the playground down the street from our house for about 30 minutes of climbing, swinging, running and fun. Kiddo went down one of the huge slides and as he came off the end he tumbled head-over-heals. He bumped his head, got covered in wood-chips, and was probably more scared than hurt, but he cried his eyes out and then said, "I'm OK now - can I do that again?" Kids...gotta love 'em! So tonight I am going to pack up the car for the trip to my Sister-in-Law's house. It's about a 2 hour drive, so it shouldn't be terrible. We're headed up for my niece's birthday dinner tomorrow night. Hubby is going to stay home for some much-needed alone time. This is my gift to small as it may be. Anyway - got a busy weekend ahead of us. Hope everyone is doing well! TTFN JMS

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