Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yes - I got dressed in the dark...

...what's it to you? I am typing this on Tuesday but won't post it until Wednesday because I didn't want to send any more "Blog Updated" emails to you than absolutely necessary! I woke up this morning, got ready for work, and decided to wear a pair of regular shoes today. I have a pair of nice, low-heeled, loafer-type shoes that are well worn in and comfortable. I figured they would be a good segue from the sneakers I've been wearing since The Foot Incident. I have two pairs of these shoes. One is black, black, black, and the other is brown, brown, brown. (The triple wording is simply to describe how dark the blacks and browns are - they're hard to tell see where I'm going with this?) I felt around in the shoe bin under my bed and found one pair, brought them into the bathroom, closed the door, flipped the light on, and determined that the pair I was holding was brown. I wanted black. Back to the bin under the bed, I located the other pair, and, not bothering with the whole charade of the bathroom color inspection, I put them on and left the house about three minutes later. I had been at work for almost an hour, when my friend K who works up in IT came down and we began talking about the phone manual she'd left on a new employee's desk. I was facing her. Her back was toward my window. The light hit my shoes and I saw something that caught my eye. The color was wrong. I examined my feet more closely and was horrified to discover that I was wearing one black shoe on my left foot and one brown shoe on my right foot. Same shoe...same style...different color. I must have looked as horrified as I felt, because K asked, "What's the matter? Are you OK?" Much to my embarrassment, she noticed almost right away exactly what the matter was and began to laugh. It almost ticked me off, until she said, "Ha! I've done something like that, too!" So laugh it up. Go ahead. I can take it. At least I have some comfort knowing that I am not the only one who can make a royal fashion mistake when she gets dressed in the dark! TTFN JMS PS: Shoulda stuck with the sneakers. For more reasons than I can count! I should take advantage of the perk of being able to wear sneakers to work, when they would otherwise be against dress-code policy, for as long as I can!


Lindsey said...

haha I've done the same thing before. (except with tennis shoes)...?? don't ask, cause I dunno how I managed that? haha

malfunctionology101 said...

Hahahahahahahahahaha! I've never done it. Think you're bonkers. And yes, I'm laughing AT you :)

Kisses and hugs anyway!