Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kiddo Loves Mom, Culinary Creation & Sick Boss

Kiddo told me he loved me last night - totally on his own, with no prompting from me. It was so sweet! Kind of funny, too. He was sitting on his bed and I had just finished clipping his toe- and fingernails. He was remarking on the fact that it didn't hurt at all and I was trying to explain to him that clipping should not hurt and the only time it does is when he jerks his leg or hand away and I miss the mark. It's happened once or twice, and now he's prepared for it to hurt and surprised when it doesn't. When I finished, he simply said, "Mom, you just don't know how much I love you." I pulled him onto my lap and hugged him fiercely and said, "I love you so much, buddy, more than you'll ever know." We just sat there for a while loving on one another. It was a very wonderful moment. **** I cooked dinner last night. I mean actually cooked - I didn't open a can of something and stick it in the microwave. I grilled a turkey kielbasa outside on the gas grill, and made a nice concoction of rice, black beans, celery, chives garlic and a few other random things...turned out OK. I was quite proud of myself. Still not little Suzie Homemaker, but I'm trying. **** New MD is still sick. He's got some sort of flu bug I guess. I've now sanitized every surface in his office (twice), including the door knobs, the keyboard, the telephone, the chair arms, his pen and anything else he may have touched...just in case. Normally I'm not that fanatic about stuff - careful, yes, but not fanatic - but I refuse to take this whatever-it-is home to my family. **** I guess that's it for random thoughts today. Hope everyone is doing well! TTFN JMS

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