Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I got tagged!

I got tagged by Light and Writing to share 8 little random facts (random is what I do best, after all) about myself, and then tag 8 others. I usually avoid these things like the plague, but I seem to have been tagged quite a bit lately and so, without further ado: 1) My uncle by marriage, Stan Drake, used to draw Blondie. When I was young, he would draw Dagwood's daughter Cookie's shoelaces in the shape of a cursive "J" for my first initial. 2) I am an admitted cat person living with a dog because I'm violently allergic to cats. That doesn't stop me from getting my Fuzz Therapy when the opportunity presents itself, though. I can tolerate the sneezing, wheezing and itchy watery eyes for a little feline affection. 3) I hate, loathe, and despise shopping. But, more specifically, Mall shopping. If I find something I really like and don't buy - I'll regret if for days. If I find something I really like and do buy, I am happy about it every time I wear/use it. 4) I am addicted to blogging. This will come as no surprise to most folks who read my blog. What might surprise you, however, is the level of my addiction. I sometimes write an entire week's worth of posts and then schedule them to be posted ahead of time. I'm sick, aren't I? 5) I'm getting to know my long lost aunt and uncle (my mother's younger brother and his wife) in bits and pieces and this pleases me to no end. I'm at the point in my life where I'm settled and trying to rekindle relationships that have fallen to the wayside over the years. I would hate to leave this world (whenever that may be) without knowing who my real family is or having my real family know me. 6) I can type nearly 100 WPM. (woo hoo!) 7) I secretly wish I lived in Italy. (Wait, doesn't everyone secretly wish to live in Italy?) 8) I'm a vampire fanatic. 'Nuff said. Maybe a couple of these were also posted on my FaceBook page where KB tagged me there to share 25 Random Things. This was harder, and easier, to only choose 8. So now here's the part where I'm supposed to "tag" 8 others to share 8 random facts about themselves. I nominate: TexNan Procrastination Diary Overtly Trite Wonders Never Cease TennSwede The Road Home to Tennessee Incidents and Accidents and, last but definitely not least, Malfunctionology101 (She'd kill me if I put a link here, so I won't. Ahh...I know her too well!) If you've already done this - and I haven't done my homework by checking ahead of time - then please feel free to ignore the incessant poking on your shoulder telling you, "Do this!!! Do this now!" :) Have fun with this! TTFN JMS


Karrie said...

That is so cool about Blondie! One of my favorite cartoons next to Snoopy and BC. I am soooo glad I am not the only one that hates shopping, any kind of shopping. I do agree with the mall. If I step foot in the mall it is because my husband wanted to go and he dragged me there. I am lucky if I go to the mall 1 time a yr!! I'm not alone!!! Yea!!!

TexNan said...

It's neat getting to know you! Several cool things you've listed--the Blondie thing, wow! I'll have to check out some of the strips and see if I can find a J in a shoe lace.

Also neat about writing posts ahead of time. I sometimes write them in my head, but they rarely make it to the keyboard.

And thanks for tagging me. I have already done it, but yunno what? I may just do it again! As you said, 8's better'n 25. As is 16.

Georgie B said...

Nifty factoids about yourself.

About #4, I had you beat for a while. For a four month stretch that ends this month, I had at least three weeks worth of posts queued up at a given time.

Great for non-topical posts. Not so great when I want to work something topical in.

Anonymous said...


Your Aunt and Uncle are very happy to have reconnected with you too!

We can't type anywhere near 100 WPM in English -- or any other language for that matter. Maybe Kleon - not sure - I'll have to check on that.

Love reading your blog so, please keep it up.

I secretly wanted to live in England ...and then, we did. 5 years in North Yorkshire. It cured me/us of secretly wanting to live in England. I do miss really good fish and chips however, bangers and mash, cheese and pickle sandwiches etc bla bla...

We don't miss the (NHS Nation Health Service) looonnnng story.

Oh well, Cath and I will stay on this side of the pond for now.

Still cannot stop saying "Cheers" to people however.

Cheers, UB