Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow - then just try to drive in it!!!

I wished for snow - and guess what? That saying that goes something like, "Be careful what you wish for..."? It's snowing!!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it. Of course, I must be completely honest here - there's not quite enough to satisfy my Yankee upbringing.
This is a flurry; a dusting.
Yes, it's enough to make the roads slick and make people race to the store for various things they absolutely cannot live without, but I want SNOW, you know?
MK was nice enough to send me a picture of all the snow she has up in Canada - and it was so wonderful to dream about waking up one frosty morning to inches and inches of the white stuff covering every available surface... Now, that dream is nearly a reality, except the snow that is currently falling will not - cannot - last. That's just how it is in Tennessee.
But I'm most definitely appeased. It's not even 7AM and I'm at work!! See - I guess it must be because I learned how to drive in January in CT. Snow is not a big deal; ice, on the other hand, isn't fun. I was very careful driving in today and kept to well below the speed limit - just in case. I paid attention to what was going on ahead of me, just in case another driver hit a bad patch that I was headed for. I listened to the radio for traffic reports. I made sure my windshield and other windows were scraped off before I even got started. And, though my car has no heat (as I seem to not be able to say enough about) the drive was, thankfully, completely uneventful.
I arrived at my office in one piece.
I don't know if this is a testament to my Winter driving skills, or just sheer dumb luck - but I like to think it is my skill that got me here. (Hey, I can think whatever I want to think - it's MY blog! Tee hee!)

PS: For those friends who are reading this with whom I also work, pay no attention to the sign in the front yard!!!


Lindsey said...

wow can't believe that's all you guys got! we got a bunch! maybe there will still be some or more when you all come down! love you!

TexNan said...

The snow looks lovely, but yunno you're welcome to it. When I got up this morning, I was thinking how nice it is here in central Texas, cold at night and sunny during the day. Should be the same the rest of the week. I'm not complaining (though I probably will be this summer).

Light and Writing said...

Thank you JMS so very much for your words! Music truly is a magical thing! I will definitely have to check out that recording of Phantom of the Opera.
Blogging and the i-pod! You are not working ma'am! Yeah your office sounds just as fun as mine in the computer department. Except I can't even blog(tear).
Have a wonderful "snow" day!