Thursday, January 15, 2009

My newest attempt at finding my Inner Creative Person

Yep - it's an addiction. At least it's a healthy ADD-iction (capital letters intended). I've started another blog. It is completely different from Random Ramblings and I will not be sending any email about when I update it. Some of you may have heard of Project 365? The creator, Becky Higgins, must be rolling in it ($$$) right about now. Apparently the Creative Keepsakes Scrapbook Kit sold out in minutes on January 1 and now interested folks are trying to find alternative ways to do the project. What started as a scrapbooking project seems to have ballooned. I, of course, jumped on board - being interested in both scrapbooking (which I really haven't done anything with since before kids) and photography. I try to bring my camera with me wherever I go, because you never know when the mood will strike to capture something in stillness. (Awww! Ain't that poetic?) So - I started taking pictures of my everyday life; random, non-people things that tell a small story about what I (or we) did that day. I'm purposefully not photographing people; I want the things to tell their own story. I may use a part of a person (a tattoo) or something a person is wearing (a ring or a shoe) but not the whole person. I've called it the JMS 365 PIX PROJECT. Since I started a bit after the New Year, I'll not have exactly 365 pictures - and I've been told not to worry, that I'll miss some days anyway. (Knowing me, it will be either lack of batteries or the fact that I have lost my camera.) This should be a fun way for me to "express" my creativity. Thanks to Toodlebuggs for answering my barrage of emailed questions!!! Wish me luck in my newest attempt at finding my Inner Creative Person. I know she exists somewhere outside of the words she writes every day. TTFN JMS

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overtly trite said...

must be going around I started one I am calling project 364-missed new year's day