Saturday, January 03, 2009

RSP stands for Rare Saturday Post or Little Bit's New Bed

OK, so my RSPs are becoming slightly more frequent than they use to be, but I think that's just because FaceBook came into my life and I cannot get my butt out of the flowery desk chair! **** So after much ado, and many phone calls to local consignment shops, I found a Dora the Explorer toddler bed, in very good condition, for $20.00! I hauled it home and set it up in Little Bit's room; all the while, she and her big brother were watching my every move from their vantage point in her crib. (They like to hang out there and play while I clean her room or put away her laundry and it keeps them out of my hair.) They "Oooh'd" and "Aaah'd" in all the right places and when I was done, I hauled them both out of the crib and slapped the mattress on the "new" bed. Immediately, Kiddo and Little Bit had Winnie The Pooh pillows and were "testing" the bed. Little Bit pronounced it "comf-able" and Kiddo said he should have a Diego one. (Ha!) Then, Little Bit and I high-tailed it to The World of Wally to get her some Dora sheets for her new bed. My idea behind all this was that if I could make her like her bed a whole lot, she'd actually stay in it for the night. New sheets washed and on the bed and Little Bit was ready to climb in. She got her blankie and her bunny and her bottle (we're still working on the weaning thing, and I figure that now she's had such a large change I'm not going to force the issue) and was asleep in moments. I've got the baby gate in front of her door in case she decides to get up and start wandering around in the middle of the night. I've also got her door closed, though she can open it on her own; hence the gate. I have also taken a picture of Little Bit sleeping soundly for the first night in her new bed, but I'll have to post it on Monday because I don't have the cable for my camera at home! So - load off of my mind? You bet. At least if she decides to fall out of bed now, she only has inches to go instead of feet! Happy Weekend! JMS


Harriett said...

i have the bibs in my etsy shop. they are $6. email me and i'll make you a deal.

Harriett said...

i am putting more up right now. look at what i have on my shop on the left sidebar