Saturday, January 10, 2009

RSP (Though I suppose they're not so rare anymore, eh?)

It's Saturday morning. I'm sitting at the computer with a cup of hot coffee and feeling the rain outside the window. I'm happy. I'm calm. I'm content in my little world. This morning, Kiddo got up around 7:30. I know this because he started padding around the house until I told him to go back into his room and play quietly for a while. I think I startled him. Then he had to go potty (of course, he needed my help). Then I caught him sneaking M&M's from the jumbo bag of Christmas colored ones SM brought with her when she came to visit. (Hubby had been into them last night and left them open and accessible. Oops.) "What are you doing?" I asked him in a stern whisper. He froze mid-chew; wide-eyed; surprised at having been caught. I quietly picked them up, sealed the bag, and put it out of reach; amused. **** Harold, our neighborhood cat, came to visit me this morning. He's a very sweet Tom cat who really likes attention. Hubby saw Harold out the kitchen window and said, "Babe? There's your boy." Of course, I had to go outside and get some Fuzz Therapy. Harold came trotting right over and immediately jumped on my lap and lay down. And yes, I did wash my hands as soon as I was done loving on Harold. Being allergic to cats is such a downer, you know? Well, Happy Saturday! TTFN JMS


Marsha said...

Sounds like your day is going day is going pretty well too.

Harriett said...

Email me so i can have your email address. I'll tell you about the 365 project.

Karen Dypolt said...

Sounds like a nice peaceful day! In honesty as many things as i needed to do.......i slept my day right away. Got up went to dinner with friends and straight back home to bed. At least you had a constructive and peaceful day.

And FYI.....i like M&M's for breakfast with a Diet Dew to wash them down.