Thursday, January 22, 2009

Walk Down Memory Lane OR Proof That I Was, Once, A Blonde!

While cleaning our bedroom last night (...yes...I do clean our bedroom on occasion...) I came across an old combat boot box (from my years working at Mystic Army Navy Store) filled with an old and random assortment of photographs. They ranged from me as a young girl to friends and family frozen in a moment someone thought special enough to capture. I wrote a note on FaceBook to the folks who I had pictures of or for...but I also found several pictures of me at around the same age that Kiddo and Little Bit are now. I thought I would post them for your viewing pleasure. (HA!) I showed them to Hubby last night and he said, "Who is this? They look like [Little Bit]!" really is me in these photos!

This is also proof positive, for those who ask where Kiddo and Little Bit got their blonde hair, that it is, in fact, possible for it to have come from me!



malfunctionology101 said...

My favorite is the "prom" picture. You're such a little deb!

JMS said...


No - I was a princess.



Kathy McG said...

This explains the "odd" pair of shoes you wore to work not long ago!

Anonymous said...

You were a really cute little kid. I know - I was there!

Gerta looks as I remember her!

I think that's Sandy next to her, crying? I recognize my sister's hair and back.

I also recall the lady next to Sandy - but not her name or the relationship! I think, for some reason, she's one of your Dad's cousins. Help me out here!

This is the house on Asylum ave
but I thinks your Grandparent's house across the street from your parents house. Right?

Note the Danish Christmas plates on the wall! Your grandparents got one every year.

I'm looking at it via google maps - looks pretty much the same as I recall.

Love, UB

JMS said...

UB -

The people on the couch in that picture were Gerta (Dad's mother), Sandy (with her face in the tissue) and Sandy & Dad's cousin Elaine (a.k.a "Lainey"). Elaine was Gerta's sister Millie's daughter and was the one who was married to Stan Drake for quite some time. Stan Drake drew Blondie, if you'll recall.

As for which house it is, it probably wasn't any house on Asylum Ave because we didn't move there until I was 8 years old and I think Gerta moved there after that picture was taken. I remember their house across Asylum from ours and the house in that photo isn't familiar.

I wish I could see Mom's face in that picture. There's no mistaking her.


Anonymous said...

Funny, I was thinking that too!

You're too young for that to be the asylum ave house. The thing is, that I recall the danish plates at the other end of the living room, but that IS the house on South Main street. Your Dad grew up there. (505 South Main street). It was kinda weird cuz I was living with your Dad's parents when Your Dad and Mom got married.
My parents were in the process of moving back to Conn from Florida. I came up to Conn early so I could pretend to go to high school. (har har) Gerta and Bruce Senior were nice enough to open their doors to me. I lived there for about six months. So, I got ready for my sister's wedding at her future in-laws house. Strange huh!

I loved watching your Grandfather work on furniture - he was an artist! He could put antiques - brought to him literally in a basket -- back together - good as new (or close to it).

I couldn't remember Elaine's name, but I remember her very well. Also, your Dad's cousin Topper.

Your Dad couldn't say his address correctly when he was a little kid so, instead, he just blurted out: "Boo Geenon, boop bap boo de ning ning -- (Bruce Greening, 505 South Main street). Close enough!

The weird things you remember!

It just makes me sad to see your Mom as I remember her - a young woman, so full of life and plans for the future. I miss her too.

Love ya, UB

Anonymous said...

Ok, Just one more comment from UB and then I promise to shut up.

You standing by the fireplace is the house on Newport Ave. I lived there too. (Eee gaads) I sound like the proverbial dead-beat brother-in-law, huh!

Note the door to the left. That would go out to a very nice sun room/play room.

Do you remember the cat "little man" or the sheltie "Shelby" your parents had back then? Love, UB

JMS said...

Of course I remember Little Man and Shelby! I base all my animal relations on the relationship I had with those two! Silly, but true. I compare every dog to Shelby (if the dog is nicer than Shelby was, than we're good!) and I compare every cat to Little Man (if they match him in temperment and sweetness and attitude - all of which are essentially the same things, I guess - then we're good there, too! I have pictures galore of Shelby and Little Man.

Sandy still calls Dad "Boo Geenon" and, I remember it as, "Boop Bob Boop Steep Ning Ning" but I wasn't there at the time, that's just how it was told to me! LOL!