Friday, January 30, 2009

What a super night!

I had a super night! Really - that's not sarcasm! We had pizza (and I allowed myself 2 whole slices!) and then watched Max & Ruby and Dora the Explorer. Then I got to speak to my friend AKP for about 12 uninterrupted minutes (a minor miracle in itself, since she has 2 young'uns, too). Then I called SM to make sure she wasn't hallucinating again (a story for another time, but she's really fine). Then Kiddo, Little Bit and I played a rousing game of Hide & Seek; our own screwy version of the old classic. Kiddo and Little Bit hide in LB's room and "count" for approximately 10 seconds (more or less, depending on how quickly Kiddo counts). Then they holler, "Ready or not, here he comes!" I hide. I first hid in the kitchen next to the stove and between the stove and the counter, behind a red apron hanging from a hook. They found me right away, though I thought I was pretty well hidden! Then I hid on the far side of our bed in the bedroom and again, I was tracked down like a prison escapee; with swiftness and finesse! I then took LB with me, and she and I hid behind the shower curtain inside the tub, but because LB couldn't keep quiet (she was quite giggly) Kiddo found us immediately. If they can't find me, they call out, "Oooga, booga, booga!" (kind of like, "Marco!" followed by "Polo!" in the pool in the summer) and I respond in kind until they can track me down! (Blame Hubby - he started the oooga booga booga thing.) I also hid in two or three other places, before we switched and LB and I counted while Kiddo hid. It was a lot of fun. Then actual bedtime was not so much fun because the kids were wound up (I know, I know - playing a fun game right before bedtime was a stupid idea on my part...) but I eventually got LB settled comfortably and then read Hansel & Gretel to Kiddo. I watched about 30 minutes of something on HGTV (don't really remember what it was because I was enjoying being able to watch the television without 100 other things happening around me). Then I watched Supernatural on CW (ugh...what was I thinking?) and then I watched most of an episode of Animal Police (they were in Miami-Dade County in Florida) but it was honestly too graphic and I will probably have nightmares involving badly neglected and abused animals. (I'm wavering between a "...must...wash...eyes...out...with...acid..." mentality and a "...Oh, how absolutely awful! Who could ever do such a horrible thing?..." state of mind.) I don't know what I was thinking there, either. I'm noticing lots of parentheses (...) in this post - what's up with that? Then I got an uninterrupted shower. Ah, such bliss, I cannot speak about it lest I ruin the moment. A shower. (Isn't it funny how a shower can be something special enough to blog about when you've got children and a full-time job?) Then, I went to bed! It really was a super night. Yay! TTFN JMS


yourlonglostsister said...

Sounds wonderful... I'm truly jealous. :)

overtly trite said...

always liked max & ruby as well as dora! blues clues was in heavy rotation around our house back in the day a well