Friday, February 27, 2009

Signs of Spring

Ah - the signs of Spring are upon us! I walked outside this morning - headed to work - expecting it to be cold and rainy. It wasn't cold, it was barely raining, and there was a slight breeze. I stopped just outside my front door and closed my eyes, savoring the morning. I realized I was hearing something I hadn't heard in months! The little tree peepers were singing in the woods across the street! If that isn't a sign of warmer weather on it's way, I don't know what is. I just stood there for a minute or two and took it all in; the temperature, the breeze, the wet pavement, the smell after a rain, and the little chirps from the critters proclaiming, "It's Spring!" I've seen robins for several weeks now - and I remember my grandmother telling me to watch for the first robin because that was a sign that Spring was around the corner. Now the tree peepers are out! Several of the trees at the office have little leaf buds on them. There are daffodils pushing their green leaves up out of the ground at my house and, I'm waiting on crocuses and Lily of the Valley. I'm waiting on the return of the birds. Sooner than I know, I'm going to have to fill the hummingbird feeder for another summer full of watching the tiny birds sip the red liquid outside my living room window. I'm looking forward to being outside in the back yard with my kids, swinging and playing as if Winter had never happened. TTFN JMS


Lindsay said...

As if I didn't have Spring fever already...Your post today just pushed me over the edge! How many more weeks until warmer weather??


Samantha said...

Mmmmmm...... spring :-) Spring will NOT be here in NY any time soon; we're supposed to get snow this weekend!

overtly trite said...

yup they are talking snow Sat night
it is no wonder everyone is sick right now
60s one day snow the next

Karrie said...

I have some flowers poking up but could you please push those robins up here. We are still waiting for them :) I can't wait to see them this year!

Georgie B said...

Spring hasn't sprung yet in Connecticut.

But it sure felt like it today.

Anonymous said...

It's fun to watch the world waking up after its looong sleep. I noticed the same things in the last few days. I go to work about 4-ish in the morning and I like to take a few seconds and just stop and listen to things.

It's cool huh!

Love you, UB