Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow again, Family Updates and Toy Story Troubles

Ok. It's cold. My fingers are still numb from driving my freezer-on-wheels to work this morning. I'm extra glad I wore my warm, black sweater! It's attempting to snow again, but the things falling from the sky can hardly be classified as snowflakes. They're more like teeny tiny pin-pricks of ice. And they're not falling so much as floating. And they're eddying on the streets like mist off a lake. Sounds lovely, but...not so much. I have been hearing so many people say how much they're over the snow. I'm trying to relate. I'm trying to remember growing up in the snow belt (as Allie so aptly put it) and being done with the snow after only one or two days. I'm trying to be sympathetic to those folks north of here who are still digging themselves out from the recent inches that fell or waiting for their power to be restored after the ice storm of the century! I am thanking my lucky stars that I am not one of them, but at the same time, I kind of miss those days. But maybe I miss them because they remind me of a different time and place in my life when I was younger and more apt to enjoy something like a good snowfall. I don't know. Anyway - everything is good right now. Hubby got the medicine cabinet installed in the bathroom yesterday, but somehow the corner where one would instinctively reach to open the cabinet has a big chip in the mirror that cannot be fixed so we'll have to get a different cabinet. Poor Hubby - all that work. It's nice to be able to dry my hair and actually SEE what I'm doing, though. (Am I the only one who needs a mirror to dry her hair?) Little Bit is now coughing. I'm wondering if whatever she has been struggling with health-wise has moved into her chest or if this is the beginning of the end of her current distress. Poor kid. She spent a majority of last night coughing and crying. I finally went in there and got the humidifier started (which I probably should have done before she went to bed) and that seemed to ease things a bit. She doesn't really cough during the day, just at night. What's up with that? Kiddo is acting funny and I'm afraid he might be coming down with something, too. I've been monitoring his temperature, but so far, it's been normal. He fell asleep last night in seconds and before that, he really didn't want to eat his dinner. Oh, and something funny. Our friends P&DW got Kiddo and Little Bit movies for Christmas, but they just brought them over a couple of days ago because they were in our area. Kiddo got Sky High and Toy Story and Little Bit got a Winnie-the-Pooh movie. We've watched Winnie-the-Pooh, to high praise and laughter. (I'm a WTP fan from WAY back...thanks to my grandmother who read A.A. Milne poems to me as a child - which I still love. I am now trying to instill that love for Milne in my own kids.) We're waiting to watch Sky High because it's not really a Little Bit friendly movie, so Kiddo and I will watch it some night after Little Bit has gone to bed. But last night, I put in Toy Story. Now, as most of you know (because I can't imagine anyone not having seen it by now), it is a Disney/Pixar movie and one of the most wonderful movies ever made. Kiddo had not ever seen it. I put it in last night and he kept leaving the room saying, "I just don't want to watch this, Mom!" This also meant that he was not eating. I kept trying to encourage him to come back in the room with things like, "This is the best movie EVER!" or "This movie was made by the same people who made Cars, buddy! You LOVE Cars!" All to no avail. Finally, as the movie was nearing it's end, he was completely fascinated. I caught him smiling and laughing and gasping at all the right places and realized he was not actually NOT INTERESTED, but was afraid something bad would happen! My poor sensitive kid. I'm waiting for the day when he says, "Hey Mom! Let's watch Toy Story again!" TTFN JMS


Allie said...

I can't see how anyone could dry their hair without a mirror. If I did, I'd look very scary. :)

Georgie B said...

One never, ever gets over snow. One deals with only as much as humanly necessary.