Friday, March 06, 2009

Little Bit's Birthday Doin's Decided

Ah...I remembered my iPod this morning and the Mozart spewing forth from it is making me happy. I think we've decided on something to do for Little Bit's birthday. And, though I haven't actually discussed this with Hubby yet, I think we're on to something, thanks to the kind ideas from several friends through FaceBook. There's a landmark, an icon of local society, that serves pizza. They have a lot of space and according to KB, the birthday girl will get a free t-shirt! So we'll probably head over there on Saturday afternoon for some 'za and time spent with a few friends. I guess I've got to make a few phone calls, eh? I mean, what's a party without party goers? It won't be a big deal, but I am going to make cupcakes tonight and see if I can find some cone shaped party hats. I'll leave it at that. Simple. So, my beloved readers - please don't be offended if you do not receive an email or a phone call from me inviting you to join us. Just know that it's probably because 1) you're too far away and it's such short notice that you would never be able to make it; 2) because there's only so much room, and 3) because she's only turning 2 and will never remember this anyway! Happy Friday! TTFN JMS


Sunday's Pearl said...

I still expect to be invited. Sheesh!
My word verification is shelfies.
That is way to easy...

Karrie said...

Sounds fun! Wish I was closer so maybe I would be invited ;)
His birthday is the 18th he will be 4! Hey, do you make cupcakes from scratch? If you do I have a AWESOME recipe for chocolate cupcakes. It's easy and they are sooooo moist! Let me know if you would like it. email
Oh and
Happy Birthday Little Bit!!!!!!!

Beth said...

Have fun! 2? Wow, it goes quick doesn't it? She's a cutie!