Monday, March 02, 2009

Sunday - not just a day of rest

We got up early and went to church. I did not have to teach yesterday (I'm in my "two-months-off" phase) and so was able to attend the married couples study group I'm supposed to be part of. Supposed to...because my Sunday school class is at the same time and so when I'm "on" for two months I can't go to the study group. One of the ladies looked at me yesterday, smiled hugely and said, " get to actually join us today!" Yup! Anyway - I was just in time for the beginning of a new study based on the movie Fireproof and the corresponding book "The Love Dare." This is going to be an exciting study and a very emotional one, I think. But I am SO looking forward to this. Then we went to Fazoli's for lunch, where Little Bit refused to eat anything except a few bites of her over-soft bread stick. Kiddo, on his own, ordered a small salad - and ate it happily, I might add. (What's up with that?) I had 1/2 of a Baked Chicken Parmesan. Yum! Little Bit fell asleep on the way home so we tucked her in to bed and Kiddo and I went over to BG's house so he could play with BG's son. They're best friends and they played so well together it gave BG and me a chance to have some actual adult conversation. And, though I feel that I dominated the conversation, she kept saying that it was nice just to be able to talk to another adult. So true. Kiddo and I brought Nalla (the dog) with us, because she and BG's dog Olivia are best friends, too. It's so funny to see them tearing around after each other with silly canine grins on their faces and their tongues hanging out. Around 4:30 PM, Kiddo and I headed home so Hubby and I could feed the children. Then we headed back over to church for a licensed showing of the movie Fireproof, sponsored by our married couples group. Such a wonderful, moving, emotional, raw, and honest movie - I highly recommend it. So now Hubby and I are going to start "The Love Dare" - the corresponding workbook that goes along with this study. I'm expecting that the next 40 days (and longer) will be absolutely wonderful! TTFN JMS PS: There's another wonderful movie, made by the same folks who made Fireproof called Facing the Giants. This one is about believing...and it's awesome!

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