Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Terrible Twos?

Remember how I said a few posts ago that Little Bit is an absolute nightmare if she doesn't get a nap? Well, yesterday (last evening) was a very good example of just this. I didn't know she didn't nap until we were all eating dinner. She started getting really upset over silly things and throwing stuff all over the place. Screaming ensued. Finally, right around 6PM (way early) I hauled her off to her room, changed her diaper, and sat down with her in the rocking chair. She was completely out within 5 minutes. Hubby and Kiddo went out for ice cream, and though I did do a couple loads of laundry, I really didn't accomplish all that much otherwise. Little Bit was awake again around 8PM. More rocking. Asleep again. Little Bit was awake again around 10PM. An attempt to have her sleep in my bed with me. Nope. More rocking. Asleep again...but only after she'd tossed her sippy cup of water across the room and then hollered that she wanted to hold it. I ignored her. Eventually she was quiet and I do not know if she woke up again during the night unless Hubby took care of her. I was soundly asleep. Kiddo went to bed with a prayer and a kiss and we didn't hear from him again. My good, sweet boy. He didn't really hit the "terribles" until he was about 3 years old. Little Bit was born with the "terribles!" Is that even possible? Obviously! TTFN JMS PS: No accidents so far today. And my toe, though slightly sore, is really OK. I still say, though...stupid burritos!

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