Friday, April 03, 2009

Kiddo's Party & My Eye Exam

Here it is...Friday again. Tomorrow, we make our 2nd attempt at Kiddo's 5th birthday party. The weather, which I have been checking religiously for a week now, looks like it will be 70• and sunny. Yay! I've got to order the dinosaur cake, get drinks, plates, forks, and napkins - and maybe even a plastic table cover and a few balloons. Don't let me forget to order that cake...TODAY! Early. **** I had my eyes examined yesterday. Nothing wrong that needs fixing. Got some protein floating around in my left eye, which looks like strings to me, but which Doc says is really nothing to worry about. He said my vision is essentially good, except for some slight far-sightedness in my left eye, which kind of surprised me because I have so much trouble focusing sometimes. Dry eye. That's the official diagnosis. Keeping my eyes moist (eew...for some reason I hate that word!) will help them feel less strained, less tired, less grainy and help them focus more clearly. Dilated pupils, fuzzy vision, slight dizziness (for lack of being used to truly fuzzy vision) and four samples of lubricating eye drops later - I'm on my way. Driving. Myself. Home. Such a strange trip that was! I was doing OK, keeping to the speed limit or under, until I realized that there was a COP right behind me! "Oh s***!" I thought. "If he pulls me over, he's going to take one look at my eyes and just assume I'm on some kind of drug!" But 2 miles later, he pulls over behind another cruiser that has a different car pulled over. I guess there's strength in numbers, eh? Phew. That's all I'm sayin'. But when I got home, I couldn't parallel park my car. What!? I can parallel park with the best of them (most of the time) but because my vision was so screwy, I was afraid I'd hit one or both of the cars I was trying to park in between. So I gave up after one lousy attempt and decided to swing around and park on the grass in our yard. Then, once I got inside - I could barely stand for swaying like a tree in the wind. So I went to bed. I got in about an hour of solid sleep, and woke up feeling a bit better vision-wise. My right eye was nearly back to normal, but my left eye was still dilated; the pupil was huge! I looked lopsided and funny. I guess everything is back to what passes for normal this morning. I've lubricated my eyes, but suddenly (and maybe only because I'm thinking about it) they feel dry again. Good thing I brought some drops with me to work, eh? Anyway - That's it for now. Wish me (us) luck on Kiddo's party. Please say a prayer that I get our house cleaned up enough to feel comfortable having my family over after the party. Right now, it might be condemned if anyone saw it the way it is. TGIF! Oh - And I wrote something silly last night that I think I'm going to use in (on?) my greeting cards:
Friendship Is Like A Two-Way Street sometimes it leads sometimes it follows sometimes it goes in the same direction sometimes it goes its own way it can be dangerous if you cross it at rush-hour it can be lonely in the middle of the night it can be smooth; it can be full of bumps, pot-holes and curves but no matter where the road of friendship takes us, i'm glad you're on it with me


Karrie said...

Hey Jenn! Good Luck with the party! Really wish I was closer :( It would be great to get our kids together :) Hope all is well and I will talk with you soon. <3 ya

Allie said...

Ick! I hate the word moist too. Glad to hear everything is okay with your eyes.

G said...

Aren't eye exams FUN?

Especially when they dialate your eyes and you have to drive home in sunny weather.

I had an eye doctor once (before he dumped me off on another doctor in the same practice), get upset with me because I didn't want him to dialate my eyes (mostly because I had to go back to work). So he said I should "take a taxi next time I have an appointment" with him.

Light and Writing said...

Your friendship writing is great! I think it will be perfect inside a card! The bit about the cop being behind you is hilarious! I just had an eye exam and the people I work with were like "What are you on?"
Good Luck with Party!

Hit 40 said...

I have a few random thoughts after reading your post. I am with you on the cop. PHEW! They are like roaming tax collectors. I worry about your eye - blurry vision can be a sign of multiple sclerosis. And, do not worry about your house being clean. It is nice that you just invited people over. So rare this days. We are all so so busy. They will be happy to see people.