Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fury for a Friend

I'm angry.
No - strike that.  I'm not angry, I'm hurt, and with the hurt comes fury.  I honestly cannot believe how upset I am about this!  I've half a mind to write a letter expressing my displeasure at a local school system that dumped one of their teachers this week.  No, the teacher (who is a great friend of ours, btw) did not get fired, the school just did not renew his contract.  I think it's local politics and that they've got someone who is connected to someone else who they want in the position my friend no longer holds.  After all, it's all about who you know, isn't it?  (Please hear the sarcasm dripping from that last sentence...)
So please, if you are the praying kind, say a little prayer for my friend KM and his family?  They're going to have a bit of a rough time of it over the next few weeks as KM tries to find another job.  Any and all prayers for them will be most welcome, and I'll be happy to pass them along to him so he knows just how much he means to us!
That's all.  Thank you.


KM (and Family!!) said...

Thank you Jen! My family and I are SO blessed to have YOUR family in OUR lives! Your support means the WORLD to me right now. It is one of the only things that I can count on for a smile right now. We love you all, and appreciate the prayers and love!!


Karrie said...

I am so sorry to hear about this. It seems to be like that all over. My town in very famous for the who you know stuff and if you are not part of the PTO and doing everything in town then you are an outcast. KM I am so sorry to hear about what happened but my families thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. You are very lucky to have Jen in your lives. I have never met her in person but I can tell what a wonderful and sweet person she is. Good luck to you and best wishes!!