Thursday, June 18, 2009

Outta the Mouths of Babes

As you know, I'm deeply involved with Vacation Bible School at church this year.  There are three activities that the three teams rotate through each night: Bible Story, Games & Crafts.
Last night, when Kiddo was sitting in the Bible story getting "learned", up comes this really big storm; thunder, lightning, rain - the works.  One great big clap of thunder sounded and without skipping a beat Kiddo says, "Holy Crap!" right in the middle of his Bible lesson!  (I was not there to witness this, but I got it from several very reliable sources!)
We don't talk like that round him, so I'd really love to know where he picked it up, and why he thought it was appropriate to come out with that DURING A BIBLE LESSON no less...?
Yesterday before VBS, he looked at me as I was helping him get his belt on and he said very seriously, "You need to lose some weight, Mom!"  He was grinning like it was something funny and good that he'd just said to me.  I didn't react, but I said, "[Kiddo], that was very rude.  I hope you realize you really shouldn't say things like that to people, right?  You might hurt their feelings like you just hurt mine."
He immediately burst into tears and said, "I'm sorry, Mom.  But it's true, isn't it?"
Well yes, it is true - I do need to lose some weight - but I still don't want to hear about it from my five year old!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer- I am sorry but tears are running dowm my face because that was funny. Look it could be worse- you know how Elisha's parents were before I got him. Well told his Sunday School teacher she was "just a bitch". You could tell she wanted to pinch his head off. Then another time he flipped some old laddy off after she smiled and waved at him. Yes I was mortified but now I can't help but laugh just because of how funny it is because it is so inappropriate. Oh and when I went to see Elisha he told me my hair looked weird- I decided to go curly for the summer and got a perm. Sad thing is I heard it again from a man 2 days later- like you it may be the truth but damn, I though I looked good???

G said...

There must be some kind of strange correlation between how proper something is (Bible class for example) and how revolting the behavior could be (the Holy Crap utterance).

Anonymous said...

No, you don't need your 5 yr old telling you things like that.

Sorry, but you have the Nolton genetics in there somewhere.

Brother/Uncle John used to whip out a picture of my Grandmother and scare his daughters saying "YOU are related to THIS woman!"

I think it even scared Leslie! har har! Pam and Vic would say things like "That's it, I'll never eat again."

Take care of yourself, and the little folks. Tell Jamie happy fathers day from me.

Cheers, thebobster