Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thing 1, Thing 2, Roth IRA & 401(k)

Thing 1: Forgive me if my typing and/or spelling is atrocious...I whacked my right pinkie finger into the door jamb running for the phone a little while ago and, while I don't think it's broken, it sure hurts like the dickens! One frozen bag of peas and a good taping to the ring finger seems to have lessened the heat a bit...but it sure makes for lousy typing. Of course, I'm terribly particular so I will most likely correct any error I see even if it takes me the rest of the night. Thing 2: I was running for the phone because I am awaiting a call to confirm an interview on Monday!!! I'm very excited about this interview (thanks JB) and really hope this pans out. The woman I spoke to was VERY nice, if that was any indication. This is for a local company that does a lot of environmental clean up work with I'm THRILLED! Just say a prayer or 2 for me and think about me at 1:30PM this coming Monday. Other than that, not much else to report. Unless you consider opening a Roth IRA with my 401(k) funds newsworthy... TTFN JMS


Jeff Johnson said...

Good luck on Monday!

Samantha said...

Best of luck for the interview! You're awesome :-)

Anonymous said...


I go to church with a guy who works for DOE and goes down that way quite often. Let me know if this pans out.

Cheers from the great state of Merryland. UB

ps: add a big hug to that.