Monday, July 27, 2009

What's goin' on?

I got The Letter from the Unemployment Office today. Yay! I do get benefits. Minimal; less than 1/2 of what I was making working full-time; but benefits none-the-less. And very welcome those benefits are. It will at least pay the mortgage. I had a good interview with the temp agency this morning. The woman I spoke with was very sweet, extremely professional, very thorough and I got a much better "vibe" from her than I did from the other place. The position she wanted to discuss with me was an Executive Assistant position, but it did not offer benefits - which is a must-have; a need rather than a want. Hubby, Kiddo, Little Bit and I went canoeing this afternoon for about an hour - in the bright, hot sun. But it was lovely. I did not bring my camera for fear that it would get wet, but we saw a couple deer hanging out by the water's edge and/or in among the trees, some fish, a turtle or two, and a couple dudes in a sweet-looking motor boat out trying to drown some worms. The kids were overheated, Hubby and I were sweaty and also quite warm, so we hit Sonic for a quick bite and something cold to drink. Now the kids are in bed. Well...Little Bit is sound asleep but Kiddo is quietly coloring in an over-sized Diego coloring book in his room. Hubby is out having some quiet/alone time running errands. I've had a shower and feel human again. Oh - and about 20 minutes ago I got a phone call from an insurance company downtown (really - downtown, like more than 30 miles away) and they want to see me on Wednesday morning at 9AM to interview for....well, I'm not really sure what for. But they found my resume on (I'm beginning to LOVE and thought I seemed promising. I've done some preliminary research on this company and it seems legit - so I don't think I'm walking into anything I shouldn't be. So wish me luck with that, too! The phone calls, letters, emails and benefits are starting to come in. "They" were right about it taking 2 weeks for anything to really start happening. I think all the prayers, hard work and persistence are starting to pay off. Say some more, will ya? TTFN JMS

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Allie said...

Wow! I'm sure if feels like a long time, but all of this is happening really fast! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!