Monday, August 24, 2009

The Weekend Recap

Little Bit had a rough afternoon on Friday. The copious amounts of fruit she ate that morning at breakfast didn't agree with her, and while riding around in the car with me and Kiddo (of course, it would have to be in the car) everything came back up. YUM! We were already almost home when it happened so she sat quietly (I couldn't believe it) until I could clean her up once we reached home. Inside, she got a bath and the car seat got a preliminary scrubbing but not a full-out wash because I knew I'd have to use the seat again before Hubby got home and there wasn't time to run it through the washing machine and let it dry. She didn't have a fever and was otherwise acting fine, so I thought, "One-time thing... Probably something didn't agree with her," although I was monitoring her closely. About an hour or so later, we got back in the car to take Kiddo to church. She did it AGAIN! Twice! I had to call Hubby to come rescue us so Kiddo could get to where he was going and I could go back home and give Little Bit ANOTHER bath! We weren't going anywhere at this point so I just put her in her Jammies and we snuggled in my bed and watched WonderPets. (A friend said that the WonderPets have great healing power!) She fell asleep early and slept all night. Saturday, she was completely herself and ate like she'd been starved for 3 days! She never had a fever, she just felt kind of yucky. It's amazing how needy they are when they don't feel well, and how blasted independent they are when they feel fine! Sunday was church and then later in the day, dinner with friends we hadn't seen in about 6 years! Their two kids, our two, and the son of two more friends all had a great time. 5 kids ranging from 2 years to 5 years and 7 adults. It was chaotic, but a very nice evening. It was after 8PM by the time we got home! I couldn't believe we'd stayed so long. Hope everyone's weekend was as wonderful as mine. (Oh, except for the puking! That was sarcasm!) TTFN JMS


Allie said...

Aw! Poor kid! And poor you! I can't even imagine having to clean puke out of the car twice in one day!

Anonymous said...

Our dog johnathan would puke in the car - but ...then he'd clean it up too! Sorry, I couldn't stop myself from sharing.

Love, UB