Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Quick Update

Little Bit has goop in her eye, and though it has not definitely been diagnosed as pink eye, she is on an antibiotic drop. Kiddo is obsessed with his hair. I cannot figure it out - but if his hair doesn't sit EXACTLY FLAT on his head - he literally flips out. Whining and tears and shaking - the whole bit. When I towel-dry his hair after bath-time, he can barely stand it if I don't immediately brush it flat. Is this some kind of OCD thing? Do I ignore it? Do I try to make him understand that it is just hair, and at some point, some day it will stick up in odd ways no matter how hard he tries? I'm kind of at a loss with this. He's constantly running his hand over his head to make sure it's all where it is supposed to be... Hubby is good...though he seems quite preoccupied. It's getting quite close to a date I know he tries not to think about, yet here it is again. I wish he'd talk to me. I might not be able to fix it, but I can always listen. I've got the beginnings of Bronchitis...again. This is the 3rd time since November. Luckily, though - I didn't wait until I was really really sick to go to the doctor. I was proactive (mostly) and went only after I realized that my voice wasn't coming back on its own and this wasn't just a tickle... Now I'm on a good, strong antibiotic and have instructions from "Doc" to take it easy. Take it easy. Yeah. Right. As if that's going to happen? I've got entirely too much to do between now and Saturday when my Mother-in-Law comes for a visit. I'm very excited to see her, but I don't want her getting to my house and deciding she needs to clean. I want her to relax and have fun with her grandchildren. (Oh, and the grand-dog, too. Nalla loves Nani!) TTFN JMS

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Anonymous said...

Tell him that when I get up in the morning and look in the mirror I look like Larry of the three stoogies. Bald but with hair still sticking out! Ahhhhhhhh!

Love, UB