Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's kicking MY rear this year?

VBS is kicking my rear this year. VBS - as in Vacation Bible School. Actually - it's really not VBS that has me all goofy and exhausted all the time, but it is most definitely a contributing factor. Not that I'm complaining. Ok, see, my very good friends K&NM and family went on vacation and asked me to water their outside plants while they were gone. She had a green-thumb, most definitely, and has some very beautiful plants in front of and behind her house. So sometime between 6AM & 6:30AM every day I am over there watering their plants. Then I head to work to arrive around 7AM - so I can organize my day, get some coffee, use the restroom, and whatever else I need to do before my day actually starts at 7:30AM. Work all day - like a maniac, if I may say so - to get off at 4:30PM. Then I'm heading directly to the church to arrive at 5PM to get changed into my khakis and white shirt (VBS Staff Outfit) and take my place at the registration desk to help check in the kids as they arrive. Then, around 6PM I have to fly over to the library on the other side of the church and do a quick transformation into Super Cooper - the 6.5' tall black and white dog who is the mascot of this VBS curriculum. (I did this last year, too - and had a blast!) It's sweaty and stinky inside that costume, but it's LOADS of fun and I can be a complete goofball in front of who-knows-how-many people. (Side Note: We're raising $$ for kids in India to go to VBS there, and right now we've raised enough money to send 80 children! It's a competition between the teams. Last night we were told that if one of the teams' total reached $150.00 then someone would eat a bug! [That someone, of course, anticipating this, ordered gourmet salt and vinegar crickets!] ICK!) VBS goes until 8:30 and at some point Super Cooper has to shed his super fur and become well..me again. I'm in that costume from 6:00PM until ALMOST 8:30PM and I sweat like the dickens the whole time. Like I said, it's definitely uncomfortable, but I have a ball! I'll do it again next year, too, if Super Cooper comes back! (Side Note: If wearing Super Cooper for 2.5 hours each night for 5 nights doesn't help me lose weight ON TOP OF the weight I'm losing with Weight Watchers, well...then...I think I might just crawl into a hole and hide.) So when I get home with the kids they get into their jammies and get in bed and I get a much-needed shower to de-Cooper-ify. And then I'm doing laundry so my stuff can be ready for the next day. And then I'm laying out my work clothes. AND THEN...it's finally time to crawl in bed. Though as exhausted as I am, I'm totally wound up and can't sleep so I read for a bit and finally, around 11PM, I can turn the light off and be reasonably certain of rest. Just to pick up and start all over the next day. Worth it? Absolutely! I LOVE VBS and I LOVE this time of year! PS: Did I tell you that I'm permanently taking over teaching the 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School class? Just one more thing to be excited about! TTFN JMS

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Michael said...

Sounds like a lot of work but doing for others is the most rewarding job you can have. My hat's off to you. I work with 2nd graders and they're a lot of fun; they love you and they can read and write.