Wednesday, June 08, 2011

They say, "Write what you know..."

I'm a complicated person.

I'm allergic to mushrooms.  To codeine.  To ibuprofen.  To NSAIDs in general.  To default.  To grass and trees and leaves and mold and dander and guinea pigs (especially guinea pigs) and the list goes on.  I spend most of the Spring and Fall sneezing and dripping and wishing for relief.  But Benadryl (or anything with diphenhydramine) knocks me flat on my butt and I am then useless for at least 24 hours.  Other allergy meds tend make me lethargic - but typically do not render me unconscious.  They sometimes work.  Mostly, people who know me are used to the constant barrage of violent sneezing and sniffing and itchy-throat scratching.  It is just a part of being me.  Love me or leave me, right?

I hate wrinkles in my sheets and at least try to straighten them before I climb in for the night.  Hubby likes a tangled mess - I like a nice neat cocoon.

I can burn water - but bake with some success....although I truly dislike cooking.

I make a mean fruit salad.

I'm a terrible housekeeper - but I am anal to the point of obsession.  I haven't quite figured out how those go together, or why they do not.

I get distracted by....Oh! Look!  Something shiny!  (Blame it on the ADD)

I love to read.  I'll read just about anything.

I love music.  Except 99.9% of rap music...which I guess I just don't understand.

I put something yucky in my trash can at work every day just to ensure that the cleaning people actually change the plastic liner every night.  If I don't...they don't.

I enjoy making the coffee at the office in the morning...except when I don't.  Which happens.  And then I bless the other early morning coffee goddess with every sip of the hot caffeinated liquid.

I enjoy writing.  I like to write short stories.  I've had several false starts at writing a book.  I think I need to plan it better - but I feel like I do better writing just to write...without a plan or an outline.  Maybe I don't have a purpose.  Maybe someday I'll have enough time to focus on writing exclusively - but I am not going to hold my breath.

I think this is enough for now.  Are you scared yet?


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