Monday, December 19, 2011

Too late

You know it's too late when you do an online search for a friend's address only to find their obituary instead.  And then to find out that this friend passed away in September...3 months earlier...and you're just now finding out about it.

I feel badly.  I truly do.  But I don't make a habit of searching obituaries for people I know and was truly surprised, and saddened, to find that our former neighbor is no longer with us.

She and her husband were good friends to us when Kiddo was small, and when Little Bit was brand new.  They had two goofy rescue poodles who were fun to watch and to play with, even if they barked like mad.  They fed us...often...on excellent homemade Italian food, strong coffee, and even sometimes wine.  They gave and gave and gave of themselves...and then we moved away.  Shortly thereafter, they moved, too.  Out of state.  And we lost touch.

He is still alive.  She is not.  She will be missed.

And I am sad.



AK said...

Hey, babe.. is this your neighbor that I knew? I hate to hear this...

Anonymous said...

She'll be alive in our memories. She was a special lady.