Monday, June 23, 2014

Cool Things and Secret Keepers

There's this pretty cool thing that I"m holding onto because the time isn't right to discuss it.  (No, I'm not pregnant.  Please stop asking me.  I'm forty years old and my youngest child is now seven so at this point I would prefer not to start all over again. I'll just borrow the itty-bitty next door when I need my baby fix and spend my time contemplating the later years when I'm a grandma.  Plus, when they're that tiny, I can give them back when I'm done!)  Anyway - cool thing happening soon.  At some point I will come clean, I promise.

Said Cool Thing, however, is the reason for my lack of posting lately.  I just am afraid to give too much away, or jinx myself, or in some unknown way get myself into some unknown trouble.  (I suppose that's not too hard given that it's me we're talking about here.)  I can say that officially, things are ready to roll, and a new chapter shall begin on Monday.

My new mantra: Good Things.  Good Things.  Good Things.

Sending positivity out into the universe!


PS: Some of you already know what's going on so, as of right now, you I am declaring you my Secret Keepers.  ;)

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