Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Here I am!! Me! Me! Pick me!

Oh my gosh! What have I done?

I have left Facebook behind. Or, rather, I am planning to. My goal is to deactivate my account by this Friday.

If you're here, reading this post, you most likely would like to continue to "follow" me in some virtual form or fashion, and for that, I am more grateful than you know.

This blog has gone through a lot with me, and has seen several iterations of itself come and go. There's a lot here. There's a lot of me here, in all my various forms.  I'll say up front that I make no apologies. But feel free to explore; you may find something you like.

I know it's been a long while since I've posted anything here... Too long, really. But my plan is to update this more often, with some of the same nonsense you may have seen me post on Facebook, along with...well...whatever comes to mind.

So welcome, or, welcome back. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy this virtual me, too!


PS: you may see me called Tangent here, too. I fairly often refer to myself in different ways, but the blog is called Off on a Tangent (for very good reason) so whether Tangent, Jen, JMS...I'm still me.


Hope M. said...

Hi Jen !!

JMS said...

Hi Hope!!!