Saturday, February 14, 2015

Writing in the present, reading about the past

For those of you who don’t know, I tend write these posts a day or two ahead of time.  I love the schedule option afforded to me by Blogger.  For example, as I write this, it is Thursday evening, the twelfth of February, 2015.  I am currently sitting in bed feeling quite pleased with myself at having made a pair of navy blue hand/wrist/arm warmers out of a very well-loved but much too small pair of girl-child’s old tights.  I’m crafty like that.  I just grabbed the pair of super-sharp scissors out of my bedside table drawer and after 6 snips – TA DA! – comfy warm things I can wear while I type.  My fingers are still kinda cold, but I’m toasty warm up to my elbows!  Go me.

Anyway, I just spent the evening with girl-child.  She started out kinda grumpy but pretty soon managed to dig down deep and find her happy.  We took a trip to the Greens of Wal and purchased some super-groovy Valentine’s Day cards for her classmates.  Then, at home, she spent a very happy 30-40 minutes filling out the cards and making a special one for her teacher.  There was even humming involved.  Humming usually means relaxed and content girl-child.  Humming is a good sign.  You don't want to interrupt the humming girl-child or relaxed and content may be in jeopardy.

After that, she and I played a few rounds of 4 Pics 1 Word.  She’s super good at that game and tends to be a lot faster than I am.  Then boy-child came home with Hubby and, though he came and joined us for a few minutes, he sorta broke the moment.  Not that I wasn’t happy to see him – he’s a goober and I adore him – but girl-child and I were doing fine without him and boy-child is nothing if not competitive.  I’m sure you can see the problem.  There began the pushy-shovey-my-turns and I finally had to call the game and kick them both outta the room.  Sheesh!

It took absolutely ages to get everyone in jammies with teeth brushed and tucked in bed with kisses and hugs and dream-lites making blue star patterns on ceilings.  But now that young'uns are settled and I am able to settle a little bit, too – I realize that I am bone tired and my brain is mush.  I am more scattered than usual.  (Probably the reason for this very poorly written, all over the place post.  Sorry.)  

I am very much looking forward to tomorrow night, which is actually Friday, because remember, you're probably reading this on Saturday so tomorrow night as I type is actually last night when you’ll be reading this.

Confused yet?  So am I.

I think I need to go to bed.


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