Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Allergies are Un-fun

I've had some difficulty figuring out what to write lately.  Normally stuff just flows, but not so much the last couple of weeks.  It's annoying, really; I dislike these big gaps of nothing much in my blog.  I decided that I’d just sit down and see what happens.


So, Easter happened.  I spent a ton of time outdoors that day and then, conveniently, neglected to take my allergy meds (and yes, I know better…thank you for your concern) so I woke up Monday with a very irritated frog in my throat.  By Tuesday, I had no voice at all.  I actually had to forward my work phone to someone else for the day.  I felt OK – but just couldn't talk.  By Thursday, it had started moving to my chest (woo hoo!) and I was dragging, big time.  I just couldn't get outta my own way.  So, I begged forgiveness from my boss and went home and slept a good portion of the afternoon, and then all night.  By Friday, I was feeling better.  More rested.

Then, night before last, I coughed all night long.  It was so much fun.  That dry, tickly, unproductive, spasmodic cough, so as soon as I started to settle or drift off, I would cough.  Then I'd drift again.  And cough.  All. Night. Long.  I’m sure no one in my house got much sleep that night.  By yesterday morning, my chest hurt and I had circles under my eyes that looked like bruises and I was dragging again.


I took myself to the doc, who agreed with me that I was not sick, just suffering from allergies (see?  I told you!) but who also decided that I needed something to help the cough.  Enter strong cough medicine and a very early bed-time and I drifted away about 6:30 or 7:00 and slept all night!  And I didn't cough…much.  Hubby wanted to know if I was foggy in my head this morning after having taken the meds, but no, actually, I feel OK.  Still coughing, but it’s actually not so annoying today and my chest doesn't hurt as much.

It’s amazing to me what allergies can do to a body – and I live in one of the worst places imaginable for allergy-sufferers like me.  The thing is, though, I don’t want to live anywhere else.  I love where I live.  It's absolutely beautiful here.  Almost every single day I drive home and thank my lucky stars that I am able to live here, see the beauty, every day.  Lots of people have to drive a significant way to see what I see daily.  So yeah, allergies suck.  And sometimes allergies become something more – like sinus infections or upper-respiratory infections and the like.  But, I'll deal with it.  Because, truth be told, I’m happy where I am.


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