Friday, October 16, 2015

SERIES: Jen's Library (#4)


Published in 1955, this little book is like it's very own whirlwind and quite possibly the reason why I'm so ADD.  If you haven’t read Eloise, you need to; especially if you’re an adult female.  Of course, it totally appeals to little kids, too.  I have read it to my children, though admittedly not as often as I should have; not as often as my grandmother read it to me or even as often as I’ve read it to myself.  Eloise is a 6 year old girl living in The Plaza Hotel in New York City with her British Nanny all the trouble she manages to find while she frazzles the staff and guests.  She has a glorious and fantastical (and sometimes creepy) imaginary world which she shares with her pet turtle, Skipperdee (who likes for Eloise to braid his ears), and her little pug, Weenie (who likes raisins).  I believe, to this day, I’m a terrible housekeeper because of Eloise, but I’m fun so my kids love me!  My grandmother wasn’t British, but I always pictured her as Nanny to my Eloise when she and I were together doing something precocious, like antiquing.


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