Sunday, November 01, 2015

Bouyant, Sugar-fueled Feelings

After having so very recently had my annual experience with the costumes and candy chaos that is Halloween, I have realized I have very decided opinions (go figure) on the matter.

I will never judge anyone, regardless of their age or station in life, if they wish to dress up for Halloween or any celebration thereof.  As I stated recently, I do not think I will ever completely grow up and plan to be dressing up for Halloween until I am too aged and infirm to do anything else.  (It’s good to have a plan.)  But, I do think one gets too old – though I dislike the word – to go Trick or Treating.  This doesn’t apply to the costuming, but it does apply to actively seeking out free candy.  (This also applies to Trunk or Treating.)

How old is too old? 
  • If you have any kind of facial hair, or, if you must (or should) shave. Hairy face, legs, armpits? You’re too old.
  • If you have your own children or grandchildren.  Yes, it’s totally okay to take your kids around begging for candy, but you must not carry your own pillowcase.  And yes, it’s totally okay to hold your kid’s bag-o-loot, or snitch a piece of chocolate or five, but you should not be actively participating in the festivities.  It is for them not for you.  When you had children, everything ceased being about you.

My list of why one may be too old to Trick or Treat is small – very small, now that I look at it – but definitive.

QUESTION: When handing out candy at your home, is it okay to deny someone a piece if they seem to fall into one of the two categories above? 

Well, as much as I might like to give those rule-breakers a piece of my very well-organized mind (ha ha) I typically grumble in silence and hand out treats for everyone – young and old (smooth or hairy) alike.  It’s a festive event, right?  Therefore, I shall forcibly keep my opinions from leaking out of my mouth in order to preserve the buoyant, sugar-fueled feelings of all.


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