Friday, November 20, 2015

SERIES: Jen's Library (NOTES)

I'm finding it hard to believe I've already told you about eight books I love!  Time flies, does it not?  Granted, I wrote all of the previous posts at once - weeks ago - and then separated and scheduled them to post at times and dates I chose.  But look - it's eight (well, nine, now) weeks later and, though I don't know what kind of influence these little blurbs have made on anyone, I'm still enjoying myself.  Are you?

Since I've already posted my favorites, I now need to consider other books to share with you.  I already have several in mind, but I'm feeling like I need to re-read them to make sure I can accurately review them for you.  And really, I don't really want to call these Jen's Library posts "reviews" because though they are, they're not.  OK, I realize that was probably confusing and contrary and I apologize.  What I mean is, though in some ways these little snippets are reviews - because I do tell you what I think about the books in my own words - mostly what these posts are is: "Hey, I've read this book and I really enjoyed it.  Here are a few thoughts I thought of.  This is my opinion, feel free to make it yours.  I hope you enjoy it, too."  

You'll further notice I don't post too terribly much about what actually happens in these books.  You may have thought, "I wish she'd tell me a little bit more so I can decide if I want to delve deeper," but that's not the point, either.  I want to give you just enough - a hook, if you will - to make you want to go read the book on your own, without giving anything away.  Allow you to make your own, well-informed decision, without my influence.  I want to influence you to read them, but not influence your opinion.  Does that make sense?

Coming up on Jen's Library we'll have books from the following authors: Elizabeth Kostova, Nora Roberts, Jane Austen, John Steinbeck and more.  But, though I've been spacing these posts out at one-week intervals, you may begin to find a little more time in between.  Do you care?  Does it matter?  Probably not, but I'm going to do it anyway.

So, no book review this week in an effort to allow myself a little more time to gather my thoughts and rearrange my library.

Love ya!

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