Wednesday, December 02, 2015

My Christmas Spirit took a hike...

Recently, I was asked by girl-child what I wanted for Christmas.  It was odd, because I had, just that afternoon, thought of an answer to the very same question.  I think it would behoove me to explain just a bit. 

I was driving home from the World of Wally and I got to thinking - admittedly selfishly - about how I have spent all this time, effort and yes, money, finding gifts fit for each of my family members and then some.  It's not easy and I am not Mrs. Moneybags and I'm tired, by golly!  (My Christmas Spirit had, apparently, taken a hike.)  Then I thought of how no one ever asks me what I want for Christmas.  Then I thought, if someone were to ask me what I want for Christmas, what would I even say?  There's really nothing I need.  Really nothing I want that badly that I would ask someone else to buy it for me as a gift.  So how would I answer?

Here was my inner monologue: Well, I would love to have a tablet.  And, either Adrian the momma cat who is at the Shelter or Promise the beautiful, sleek, black cat who is being fostered.  They both really need a mommy.  But really, I can't think of anything else I'd like to have, other than a clean house.  Hey!  That's it!  I want a clean house for Christmas!  One I didn't have to clean myself!  And, of course, World Peace.  I always want World Peace.  And I want people to stop being mean to each other...

I was satisfied.  Should anyone ask, I had my answer.

Getting back to that question asked to me by girl-child:

Girl-Child: Mom, what do you want for Christmas?

Me: Oh, honey.  That's kind of a complicated question.  I would like a clean house for Christmas.  And someone to set up the Christmas tree.  And I don't want to do it myself.

Girl-Child: Mo-om!  It needs to be something I can give you!

Me: I would love to have a tablet.  And, either Adrian the momma cat who is at the Shelter or Promise the pretty black cat.  And a hug from you!

Girl-Child rolled her eyes at me, gave me a hug, and walked away.  Shortly thereafter I left for a meeting at church.  I was gone for about 2 hours.

When I got home, boy-child met me at the door and said, "Mom!  I need you to close your eyes and trust me."  Uh-oh, I think to myself.  What's going on?  But I close my eyes and he takes my hand, telling me he won't let me run into anything but advising me not to open my eyes.  I trust, give him my hand, and follow - eyes firmly shut.

He leads me to the bathroom and tells me to open my eyes; I can hear the excitement and pride in his voice.  I open my eyes to see a sparkling clean bathroom and boy-child bouncing on the balls of his feet with a HUGE grin on his face.  "You said you wanted a clean house for Christmas, so I cleaned the bathroom for you, mom!"  And I hugged him so tight and whispered an emphatic thank you. 

I was so touched - and proud of my sweet boy - I could hardly talk.  I know it's just a bathroom, but he must have worked his butt off to do that for me in the 2 hours I was gone.  A better gift I could not have asked for, or received.

Not to be outdone, girl-child snags my hand and says, "Mom!  Close your eyes and come with me."  I obey, and she leads me down the hall to her bedroom and says, "Now hold out your hands, like you're going to hold a box," and places a box in my hands and says, "Open your eyes!"  I can hear the excitement in her voice, too.  I open my eyes to see a plain, cardboard box, with a multi-colored yarn bow tied around it.  Girl-child instructs me to open the box, and inside I find a hand-made trophy with TO: The Best Mom In The World written in pencil on the plate.  Undone, I cried. 

I couldn't have better kids.  I'm going to brag about them whenever I can to whomever I can, without apology.  I will follow the rules about bathroom maintenance boy-child so carefully wrote out and posted on the wall.  I will treasure my cardboard trophy and show it off with pride.  And for me, I think Christmas has already come.  I hope yours is as meaningful as mine.



Sam said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again now..... your children are amazing little humans! It's a reflection of their loving, funny, awesome parents. I have always been able to appreciate these moments that share, but now that I have my own child I have a new, different appreciation. As I read this post, my heart swelled up and my eyes welled up. You have a beautiful family ❤️

JMS said...

Now you've done it. I'm crying. I miss you so much, my friend! I ♥ you, too! Aren't kids awesome? I know they're wonderful and sweet and fun when they're itty bitty like E is, but there are so many wonderful moments at every age! I can't wait for you to experience them all!