Monday, December 21, 2015


I'm getting old.

I find my lack of Christmas Spirit is disturbing.  (See what I did there, you Star Wars fans?)

Did I already mention I'm getting old?

My coffee tastes like rancid cat urine, but I'm so desperate for caffeine right now that I don't care.  And yes, I know that's gross.  

Puppets are fun.  They give me an opportunity to be someone else for a little while.  The kids found a Lambchop puppet the other day and hubby bought it for me.  I'm no Shari Lewis, but I think I can probably make this work.  At least it will be fun to try.

I need the following VITs (Very. Important. Things.):
  • Someone to fix my bathroom.  We have one bathroom in the house and it's kinda falling apart.  Anyone feel like donating expertise?  Tools?  Time?  Funds?  I would very much like to avoid taking a bath in a tub that has fallen into the crawl space below the house.
  • New bedroom furniture.  At least a new bed.  I don't think I, or my hubby, can take any more waking up in pain every morning.
  • Living room furniture.  Notice I did not say NEW living room furniture?  We don't have any.  Having good friends who just got new furniture admittedly makes me a tad jealous, but truthfully, I'd take just about any sofa that doesn't smell of the above-mentioned rancid cat urine, cigarettes, or body odor.  And yes, I know that's gross, too.
  • Sleep.  A lot of sleep.

However, even though I'm a Grinch this year, and feeling like I need to seriously win the lottery, I am trying to foster a thankfulness mentality in my children - to be constantly thankful.  Therefore, I am thankful for my house and the fact that my house has bathroom at all, the coffee I do have, my sweet family, my job, the little space heater that keeps me from freezing at the office, my little car, being able to read, the calendar above my monitor that reminds me tomorrow is another day, the Dilbert cartoon on my wall which makes me smile, the little hand-made notes and pictures my kiddos make for me, the cardboard trophy given to me by girl-child proclaiming me to be the best mom in the world, coffee (don't care if I've already said it), puppets, and chocolate and mint flavored candies.  The list of things I am thankful for far outweighs the things that should fall into the deepest, darkest pits of Moria.

This will probably be the last post of 2015 so hope your holidays are merry and bright and that your New Year celebrations are life affirming!


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