Monday, January 23, 2017

Motherhood Survival Group

I keep seeing all these wonderful videos online about motherhood, telling me things like:

"You're not in it alone!"

"You're NORMAL!"

"Don't be ashamed to ask for help!"

"My kid does XYZ thing, too!"

"It's OK to feel like you're going insane!"

"Motherhood solidarity! Rah Rah Rah!"

Honestly? I feel like these women are talking directly to me! At least most of the time. I'm feeling chaotic and frustrated and weepy and sad and angry and useless and, worst of all, like a failure - all the time. I'm spinning in circles and I can't slow down because if I do, everything falls to pieces around me.

Right now, I'm dealing with (among other things) ATTITUDE! Oh golly, is there ever attitude in my house and I'm so over it! Just once, I would like my children to respond like they used to, when they were smaller and when I actually scared them a little bit. Now they know. You know? They know I'm not going to actually beat them, even if I might threaten it. They know being grounded is an irritating obstruction of their fun, but not life-threatening.

"They" tell me it will change.

"They" tell me it will get better.

"They" tell me it's just a phase and that the tween/teen years are the hardest.

And are "They" ever right!

Girl child is 2 months shy of her 10th birthday and every bit of 13 years old in her head. Boy child is 2 months shy of his 13th birthday and every bit of 30 years old; he thinks he knows everything and is always right. So you can imagine my constant state of frustration.

I know there are mom's groups in town, but the problem I have with them is they tend to meet while I'm at work. As far as I know there aren't any Motherhood Support Groups for mom's with tweens/teens where we sit around after the kids to go to bed, and discuss how frustrated we are and if another mother has dealt with the same thing we could share ideas of how to get through it? And without judgment, but with plenty of understanding shoulders to cry on - and boxes of tissues. Maybe a Motherhood Survival Group? With wine?

I'd go. Yes, please?


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