Monday, June 19, 2017

Latent Creativity

Years ago, I had an Etsy site; a place to sell the silly things I made that I thought were special. I sold some things - gratefully - mostly to family, but also to a few people I didn't know. It was fun. Then the kids became needier (as they do), and my free-time became less (as it does), and so I let my "store" lapse. I didn't close it - always hopeful I'd get back to it - but it's been, for want of a better word, dormant for several years.

Kiddos are now older, though my free-time is still somewhat lacking. I prefer spending free-time with kiddos, or volunteering, or doing various things at church, like the puppet ministry or teaching Sunday school.

BUT...on occasion I still do something crafty.  And thus I have done, and wanted to share it with you! (It's a big picture; keep scrolling for more info!)


This is a handmade (by me!), crocheted afghan/throw. It's 60" x 40" (approx) and I almost don't want to part with it! It started out as a practice piece (I wanted to learn how to make a chevron pattern) but the practice piece came together so nicely, I decided to keep going. The result is what you see here. 

Hubby said, "Honey, I hope you don't take this the wrong way,'s kinda wacko. All those colors, you know?"

I said, "Yeah! I like it. It appeals to my sense of weird." (Or, something like that.)

So, it's definitely a little obnoxious and I know it won't be for everyone, but I LOVE it; I'm super pleased with how it turned out.

I decided, rather than write about my woes - of which I have many - I'd throw in something creative, fun, and positive today.

Feel free to share! :)

(Yes, I suppose that was a sales pitch. Whaddaya think?)


PS: Woes return (with interwoven humor) next time.

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