Sunday, December 30, 2007

Slow & Quiet Day

I spent the day at home. I think I was outside of the house twice. Once was to chase away a squirrel from the snowman bird feeder on the front porch and the other time was to drive .7 miles to the Kwik-e-Mart for a Coke, a Dr. Pepper, a Snickers bar and a 6-Pack of Newcastle.

Jamie and Charlie went to church alone this morning. I was still roaming around the house in my jammies & bathrobe when it was time for them to leave and Greta was sleeping. Don’t. Wake. A. Sleeping. Baby.

So I managed to tackle a bunch of laundry and spent some quality time on the floor of the living room with Greta as she explored the plethora of toys arranged before her. She is especially fond of her new classical star stacker from Aunt Elizabeth & Uncle Joseph. Every time the music starts she dances, grins from ear-to-ear, and squeals in delight. She has yet to figure out how to clap her hands together or she’d do that, too, I’m sure.

She also spent some time hanging out with the dog. Nalla, thankfully, is an extremely patient and gentle pooch even when Greta gets a bit overenthusiastic with her adoration of her favorite fuzzy friend. Pulled hair, ears and tail seem to mean little to Nalla; though we are right there all the time and try to tell Greta, “No, baby….be gentle…don’t pull.” Greta doesn’t get it yet, nor does she care, so it’s a good thing that Nalla is so easygoing.

Charlie spent a good portion of the afternoon (after his nap) playing with his new Black & Decker Jr. Play Workbench. He’s built and destroyed that birdhouse more times than we can count in the short time he’s had the thing. He also helped Greta play with her blocks and things while she was crawling around on the floor.

I’ve got to go back to work tomorrow for one day. Then, I’ve got New Year’s Day off and then back to work again on Wednesday. Such a strange schedule.

Anyway – I guess that’s it for now. Happy Sunday.

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