Friday, December 28, 2007


How does that thing go...? Something like, "I'm taking two steps forward and one step back." This basically means that I'm not getting anywhere. Every time I think I'm getting ahead, something comes along and knocks me back a step or two; sometimes right back into the crap I'm trying to get out of. This, unfortunately, applies to my financial situation right now. Well, mostly my financial situation, but it could apply to many other facets of my life as well. I don't know how I keep winding up with no money. I keep track. I really do. But somehow we still have no money. And then, the stupid bank charges you $28.00 to cover what's not in your account, so now there's even less money! When I get paid, I don't have anywhere near enough to cover my bills for the next two weeks, much less enough to buy food for my kids. That's why we're always in the red. I'd rather be in the red than not be able to put food on my table. I keep wondering, "What have we gotten ourselves into?" Thank goodness I'm up for my annual review next week. Hopefully, and with any luck, I'll have a decent increase to my salary. I'm even trying to think about ways I can make money working from home part-time so I can do that job when I get home from my full-time one. Yesterday - Jamie and I had to take three jars of change to the CoinStar thing at our bank just to make sure we had enough $$ to cover a couple bills that needed to be paid. I HATE LIVING THIS WAY. I'm going to surrender my debit card and my checkbook to Jamie. I'm not using them anyway - but at least this way I'll be less tempted. Maybe he will have better luck managing our money than I do.

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