Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day 2008

When I got home from work last night, Charlie came running to greet me with an excited exclamation of, "Mommy!!! We've got a present for you!"

I was made to stand in the middle of the living room with my eyes closed and my hands held out in front of me. Into my hands was placed something cool, somewhat weighty though not heavy, and probably plastic. I waited quietly for them to tell me I could look.

"OK, Mommy!!! Open your eyes!"

Upon opening my eyes, I beheld a clear, hard plastic drinking cup (the disposable kind you get at quality parties) stuffed with an unknown blue substance that looks like play-doh (but is more likely the homemade version of the same) and shoved down into the blue "earth" were about 10 pipe-cleaner, bead & foam heart flowers.

Charlie had made me my very own garden for Valentine's Day.

I asked him if I could take my garden to work with me and put it on my desk for everyone to admire.

He said, "Um..." (screwing up his little face in his goofy Charlie way) " You can leave it here."

So my beautiful play-doh garden is still at home. I'm wondering, as I type this if, I can save it forever? Will it grow mold and get sticky after a year or two of gracing whatever surface it sits upon? Or, will it simply dry out and fade? I guess all I have to do is fix it in my memory and it will be there forever; that's the best way to keep these things anyway.


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