Monday, March 17, 2008

It's Monday and...

...I’m tired. You’d think after spending about 3 solid days in bed last week that I would not be tired, but I am. My eyelids are so heavy that I am honestly having difficulty keeping them open and all I can think about is the horrible green, vinyl chair and footstool in the “health room” here at work; if you put the stool right up to the chair, it’s almost long enough to lie down on comfortably. I hear it calling to me, almost as a whisper on the wind. For some reason, it would be easier to resist if it were screaming, rather than whispering. I find that I’m closing my eyes while I type this, so if you suddenly get a bunch of screwy words or gobbledygook, you know why. (I’m completely shocked that “gobbledygook” does not set off the red squiggly underline of the automatic spell-checker thingy in Microsoft Word! Apparently, enough people use “gobbledygook” to warrant it being in the dictionary. It is defined as: Nonsense or Jargon - language that is difficult or impossible to understand, especially nonsense or technical jargon. Who’d-a-thunk-it?) I got yelled at by my husband this morning because I woke him up to help me find my keys. The last time I remember seeing them, he’d had them when he drove my car home the other night. He mumbled that he’d given them back to me, but having already searched my purse three times, and in every other possible hidey-hole, I risked waking him thinking he still had them and could lead me in the right direction. What I got was an extremely sleepy, unhappy human, stomping around the house dumping stuff out on the couch. He found my keys alright – in my purse. Which, of course, made him even more thrilled about having been awakened at 6:30 AM. I repeat, I checked my purse three times before I even considered waking him up. I was as shocked at where he found them as he was upset about not being allowed to sleep in. Still – I don’t like being yelled at first thing in the morning. (He doesn’t call it yelling though, because technically, he didn’t raise his voice...sleeping kids and all.) So now neither of us is happy with the other and I’m sure we will both play stubborn until I get home tonight at 6:30. It’s very childish, I know. And Charlie is sick. He’s had a fever ranging from a manageable 99.7 to a very hot 102.5 (which always sounds like a radio station setting to me...) and has been getting Children’s Motrin twice a day for the last two days. He’s also taking Tamiflu. I’ve talked to the doctor at the pediatrician’s office and they said to double him up on the dosage of Tamiflu (meaning instead of the preventative single dose daily, he’s getting a treatment dose twice daily). The doctor is OK with me giving him the Motrin, though I’ve only been giving it to him when he really seems to need it. It’s tough seeing him so floppy and listless, though when the Motrin makes him feel better, he wants to get up and run around. It’s very hard to explain to a child that even though the medicine might make him feel OK, he’s really still sick and therefore he should rest. I tucked him in on the couch yesterday, with a big jug of Gatorade to help keep him hydrated, and stuck in one of our “Land Before Time” DVDs. That kept him occupied for a while, but eventually he got restless. Then, Daddy came home with three new puzzles and Charlie and I spent the next hour putting them together. Good brain exercise! He’s so good at puzzles and he absolutely loves them. I think I’m going to clear off the little table in his room and make that his puzzle table. Charlie’s OK – but he’s definitely sick. I guess it’s a good thing his school is on Spring Break this week, or he’d probably miss most of it anyway! Then, some pipe connection under our kitchen sink came loose and left us with water all over the kitchen floor. The water seeped out under the molding next to the dishwasher, so at first I thought it was the dishwasher malfunctioning (great) but upon closer inspection by a very competent (thank God) Jamie, he was able to find the actual problem and fix it. There’s still water to be dried up in the pocket of space under the sink, and Jamie set up a little fan to take care of that. I’m just hoping that it dries nicely and doesn’t leave us with a mildew issue. Also, we’ve somehow managed to keep our house mostly picked up and it’s such a nice thing to be able to sit on the couch and even stretch completely out, should we want to! The trouble I'm still having, though, is the enormous pile of unmatched socks! I cannot seem to bring myself to take Samantha (W) up on her suggestion of throwing them all away and starting over. That's...just...(erg)...not...right. Ok – I guess I’ve typed enough for now (800 words as of the opening parenthesis). Since I really have nothing of consequence to report, I’ll sign off. Hope everyone had a great weekend! Happy St. Patrick’s Day! TTFN JMS

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