Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Cleaning Up...Again

I’m hosting a Premier Designs Jewelry Party on April 19th – and because I haven’t hosted one in almost a year (give or take a couple of months) I’m really excited about it! The only thing I’m not excited about is the cleaning part. Why is it that I cannot maintain a clean (read neat...’cause it’s always relatively clean) house? I have had two birthday parties in the last month that I’ve had to clean up for and both times the house was a disaster again in a day or two. I guess I need to consider that I work full-time and therefore have little actual cleaning time when I’m not at the office. My priority isn’t a clean house, it is quality time spent with my family. For example, on Monday we went to the park after I got off of work because it was such a beautiful day. Or, I’ll try to play with them as much as I can after I get home and before they go to bed. Sometimes, though, it’s all I can do to stand walking around, over, and through the toys that litter the living room or the newspaper that got scattered all over the floor by chubby little 1-year-old hands. The things that jingle, beep, sing, play music, chatter and chirp drive me nuts! Especially at 3:00 AM when Little Bit wakes up hungry. (She still hasn’t gotten completely over the “sleeping-ALL-night” hurtle...but she’s doing better.) Laundry (my constant nemesis) is never ending and therefore I will never stop complaining about it. It’s a good thing Hubby cooks or else we’d never eat anything! Anyway, I’ve threatened to do this before, and I’m not any less serious about it now: I’m ready to take everything we own, that we do not use on a daily basis, and throw it outside at the street with a sign that says, “Free to good home,” and have it over with. I plan to have a major yard sale sometime in May when the weather is more that means we need to start sorting now, otherwise it will never get done. I want that 10’ x 12’ storage building in our back yard accessible by June! :) Oh – if I only had a maid. TTFN JMS

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Oneofeach said...

girl, you and I could have the same brain....remember, you aren't alone!