Monday, April 14, 2008

The War Against...

Last night, while in the process of doing that never-ending chore called laundry, I opened the linen closet door to put away the freshly folded towels only to find that there was nowhere to put them. Too much “other stuff” was in the way. All my usually organized washcloths were in a jumbled mess, somewhat resembling a mass grave of terrycloth squares. Some of the medicine cabinet riff-raff had infringed upon towel territory and were fiercely standing their ground. And, other “things” I can’t describe had claimed squatter’s rights on the shelves among the legitimate residents of the linen closet. My OCD took over. Since both my children were happily feeding their faces with a nutritious dinner, I grabbed a basket and organized the washcloths. I used another basket to confine the medicine cabinet riff-raff. All the other “things” mostly found their way into the waste basket, though they put up a good fight. When I was finished, the towels were placed neatly on the shelves – folded side facing out for easy access. I closed the door triumphantly, feeling that I’d waged an organized war against clutter. But that was only one tiny corner of my home. Today the linen closet! Tomorrow the kitchen! (Maybe...?) TTFN JMS

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