Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Red Flag City

Yesterday pretty much sucked. Sure, it started out fine, but by 1:30 it was definitely well in to the “Suck” category. I began the day in on-site training for something called Information Mapping, which I really didn’t think I’d ever need, but found out quickly that it can be quite helpful for some of the things I do at work. So, I’m learning along (learn, learn, learn), having a good time ‘cause I’m learnin’ right along with a couple of my very good friends, when our Sr. VP sticks her head in the door and beckons me come hither. Red Flag Number One. She says that she wants to put together a meeting with all the managers (the leadership team) in the office, and she needs them assembled a.s.a.p. Red Flag Number Two. Back downstairs in my boss’s office, I ask her a question about where my boss is and she says, “We’ll discuss that later.” Red Flag Number Three. So I get all the managers together (by the skin of my teeth) and when we’re all assembled around the table, Sr. VP comes in and announces that my boss, our director, has decided to pursue other opportunities and spend more time with his family. BINGO! I knew there was evil afoot! Of course, I cried a bit later in a one-on-one meeting with Sr. VP because I was in such shock and because my boss had been very good to me and always treated me with respect and never micro-managed or looked over my shoulder because he knew I’d get the job done. This kind of management style was a first with me and, obviously, I thrived in that environment. So now I’m left feeling kind of like I’m wandering alone, without direction, even though he didn’t really know? I had several people come to me to ask if I’d known about this, but all I could say was, “No,” ...which is the absolute truth. So yeah, I’d say I’ve had much better days. TTFN JMS


Anonymous said...

Keep yer chin up and just try to what the brits refer to as "Value for money". Meaning bang for your boss's bucks. You have to flexible and not get confused and overly loyal to anyone or the company as it's a job not a marriage. Keep on that Larnin' thing too! That's really key. People pay you more if you can do stuff they can't do for themselves. Seems pretty basic I know but it's easy to forget it.

I know a certain foreign lang well and the government pays me REAL MONEY to go in and do what really amounts to a goverment-subsidized hobby. Now, I do have to work (a bit) but, even that, is sometimes a lot of fun. (don't tell anyone)

I almost feel quilty about it but back in the day, I worked very hard to get here.

I love you, take every reasonable opportunity to "larn stuff". It'll pay off in the end. Honest Injun!

Tell kiddo he needs to put that money in a bank - not himself. Maybe it was a penny and it earned interest! Give 'em all a hug for me and your AC too. The cat's after me so I have to close. She wants so num num.

Love ya, UB

Anonymous said...

sorry 'bout the errors just typing too fast and forgetting the "be" word and stuff like that.

Ooops, Government employees - what a bunch of morons huh!

thebobster (my title at work)