Monday, September 22, 2008

Vacation Update

I wrote and wrote and wrote while I was on vacation - 20 something pages of hand-written nonsense. I posted it here: I am warning you right now that it is very long, so read at your own risk! :) All pictures from this vacation will be uploaded to Picasa shortly, but the journal has a few select pictures to tide you over. At least read the first three or four pages - this was vacation. I'm glad to be home. The pictures on the journal are really big, so they take up a lot of space in the actual document. It's really not as long as it looks. TTFN JMS

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like you folks had a nice time at the beach. I was reading your blog and I said to myself -- what foot incident??

So, I had to go back and research this. I read the whole saga and the picture of Little bit is a great picture!

Remind me not to bore you with Civil war stuff. I suffer from the affliction as well.

Don't diet - it doesn't work! In fact, it's harmful to your efforts to loose weight. WE have to talk about this!!!

Kids and family all look wonderful and you too. Hope the foot is better.

I love you,


P.S. 0400am on Sunday Oct 3rd? 4th?

Couldn't sleep.