Wednesday, November 05, 2008

An Historic Event

We have a new President and his name is Barack Obama. He will be sworn in on January 20, 2009 and begin his four-year stint in the White House. I told Kiddo last night that Hubby and I were going to watch the election coverage on the television and that meant he could not watch Go Diego Go. This prompted the question about what election coverage was and why we wanted to watch it, anyway? Me: "Do you know who the President of the United States is, bud?" Kiddo: "Um...I forgot," he says, somewhat sheepishly. Me: "You don't know, do you?" Kiddo: "No." Me: "Right now, the President of the United States is George Bush. Do you know what we're doing, what everyone in the country is doing, today? Right this very minute?" Kiddo: "No." Me: "We're voting for a new president! Isn't that exciting? Did you know, the last time we elected a president was the year you were born? You were 8 months old!" Kiddo: "You voted, right Mom?" Me: "Yes, your Daddy and I voted last week and tonight is the night we find out who won!" Kiddo: "Oh! Can I watch the 'lection with you?" Me: "Sure, but I don't think it's going to be too much fun for you." So it was that 7:30 PM found the three of us (Little Bit was in bed) watching Fox News in the living room. Eventually, I made my way to bed and left Hubby and Kiddo watching the 'lection coverage by themselves. Around 9:30, I became aware of little feet still padding around the house only to find Kiddo in my bedroom collecting hangers. (???) Me: "What are you doing?" Kiddo: "Collecting hangers." Me: "Where's Daddy?" Kiddo: "In the living room." Me: "What's Daddy doing in the living room?" Kiddo: "Sleeping." Me: "Well what are you still doing up? Do you even know what time it is? You should be in bed, Buddy!" Kiddo: "I don't want to go to bed!" At this, he high-tails it back into the living room and jumps on Hubby's sleeping form. This, of course, wakes Hubby up and he backs me up in my quest to get Kiddo in bed. After a few minutes of arguing (I know, it's ridiculous to argue with a 4 year old) he finally relented and a few minutes later, succumbed to sleep. I woke up this morning to a new President-Elect. Congratulations, Barack. TTFN JMS

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