Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kiddo did what?

Kiddo went to bed last night of his own accord; I nearly fell over in shock! I got Little Bit into bed and she settled right down, as usual (we're lucky that way) and then I told Kiddo he should spend a little time picking up his room. He said, "Mom, I'm tired. I think I'm just gonna go to bed, OK?" "Sure, get yourself ready and I'll be in in a minute," say I. I came back about five minutes later to find him in his jammies, in bed, waiting to be tucked in. I asked him which blanket he wanted (this is a story for another time) and he said, "Grandpa's." So I laid Grandpa's blanket over him and he snuggled down under the soft and the warm. I kissed him goodnight, we said a prayer, and then he was asleep just minutes later. When Hubby came home from choir practice, and I told him about what Kiddo had done, he said, "Is he sick?" This was Hubby's way of saying "What alien invaded my son to make him do this strange thing he'd never, normally, do?" I just shook my head and continued watching Ghost Hunters. Hmmm...Ghost show. TTFN JMS

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